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Research of the Instructional Design and Management Lab

The research interests of the lab often varies as the membership of the lab changes, but in general we investigate behavior-based approaches to improving performance of employees through the use of field and laboratory research. We also investigate the empirically-supported techniques for improving instruction.

Past, current, and future research projects include:

  • Operant approaches to complex behaviors such as creativity, problem-solving, novelty, discovery learning, and generative instruction
  • Behavior-based coaching to improve the performance of salespeople
  • Application of behavioral techniques to the enhancement of coaching and athletic performance
  • Strategies to extend the endurance of performance change over time
  • Looking at different approaches for delivering feedback and how this influences performance
  • Improving safety behaviors of traditionally underserved workers
  • Collecting data on the effectiveness of various implementations of employee-of-the-month
  • Integrating the findings from applied social psychology and organizational behavior management
  • Using proven educational psychology strategies to improve the development of employee training
  • Promoting more effective methods for implementing computer-based instruction
  • Examining the empirical basis of behavioral systems analysis
  • Investigating how various presentation approaches influence learner satisfaction and retention of material
  • and more...




See the Publications and Presentations pages for examples of research conducted by the lab.

Email: behavioranalyst@gmail.com;